Dairy Free

Double Chocolate Cheesecake Brownies

These are ammmmazing. One of the best brownies I have tried and it’s healthy!!!

Recipe from Deliciously Ella – Gluten free, sugar free.

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Bowl of Goodness 2

An easy, healthy  lunch or dinner option. Loaded with protein and the vitamins your body needs to keep going.

Lamb . quinoa . silver beet & spinach . sautéed garlic & ginger . avocado on humus . mushrooms . pumpkin seeds .

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Bowl of goodness 1

A delicious bowl full of protein and fiber to  keep you full of energy and nourish the body.

Quinoa . black beans . ginger and garlic sautéed silver beet and spinach . roasted kumera, pumpkin and beetroot . tomato . pumpkin seeds . beetroot dip .
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Roasted pumpkin and pine nut quinoa with avocado cream

Roasted pumpkin and pine nut quinoa with avocado cream:

Pumpkin • quinoa • pine nuts • tomatoes • broccoli • lemon • lime • coriander • mixed herbs • paprika 💥 avocado • apple vinegar • olive oil • salt+pepper

Can’t believe how good this dish tastes. Easy to make and super filling – full of nourishing ingredients.

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